I have worked and played in design and development for a decade. Working both in-house and as a freelancer, creating user interfaces, building web services, and crafting iOS apps.

When I'm not building online stores for brands large and small, and working with passionate design agencies and clever developers, you’ll find me maintaining open source projects, baking iced fingers or lusting over mid-century home furnishings.

Open source development

Over the years I have released a few bits and pieces that I have either written for use in my own personal projects or as research and development.


UITableViewCell subclass that adds badges, to table view cells. It's highly customisable, allowing you to alter the badge colours, shape, and positioning.

TDBadgedCell on Github


A progress bar class with a HUD appearance and the ability to animate to progress values. I last touched the code in 2009, however it all still works.

TDHUDProgressBar on Github

Hubot script – downforjustme

Have Hubot check if a url is down with

Download on Github

You can find a many other repositories on my
Github account, I can’t promise any of it will be of any use, or any good, but it’s there should you want to look through.